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March 12 2020


Five Easy Exercises For Building Muscle With Weight Sets

Do you want to look like Conan the Barbarian or just add some volume to your shirts? Are discreet office exercises no longer enough for you? Arms,shoulders,pectorals,thighs,back. discover five easy exercises to do with dumbbells. If you are just starting out, do three sets of six to ten movements or lifts for each exercise. Weight sets exercises are one of the most simplest form of exercise, have a look on: huffandbuff.com to get information on different types of exercise using weight sets.  

About weight sets  


Simple but effective, this exercise involves bringing the weight sets up. Hold your arm close to your body. Only the forearm should be raised without turning. Lift one dumbbell, then the other, and so on. You can stand or sit, as long as your bust stays straight.


Standing or sitting, grab your weight sets and reach out in front of you. They must remain straight and climb at an angle of 90 °, until they are parallel with the ground.


Lie on your back on a floor mat and bend your knees to bring your legs towards you. Raise your arms slowly and simultaneously until the weight sets touch each other. Your arms should stay straight. Slowly descend and take a deep breath before trying again. Your pecs will start to wake up.


To build your lower back (lumbar region), put your dumbbells on your two shoulders, your hands underneath to prevent them from falling. Bend your knees slightly, lean forward and then stand up. This exercise is ideal in the morning, before breakfast.


You are standing with your feet wide apart, a weight sets in each hand. Take a big step forward with your right leg and slowly lower your left knee while keeping your chest straight. Lower the leg as much as possible then return to your initial position by performing a good extension. After the first series, you will already have the impression of having reinforced concrete thighs. After a few weeks, you will have only one desire: to go to the gym to sculpt your body.

Weight training program: weight sets

Weight sets offer an excellent variety of exercises for your weight training sessions. If you can't afford a gym membership, investing in dumbbells is a good alternative, follow our buying guide to choose the right dumbbells for you. You can do a great workout using your weight sets and this strength training program at home.

 Benefits of weight sets  

Equipment required: weight sets

There are two main options for equipping yourself, depending on your budget and your goals . At a minimum, all you need are two sets of dumbbells, a heavier set and a lighter set.

Use the heaviest set for exercises where you can manage more weight, such as squats and lunges, for example . Use the lighter set for exercises such as rowing, curls, and similar exercises to lift weights . For example, you could do squats with 9 kg and side lifts with 5.5 kg.

Try to understand what weights you need to get started, you can define your weights with our article . You can do the full program below with your weight sets pairs. The main problem with this approach is that when you are stronger and fitter, you will probably have to switch to heavier dumbbells.


5 Exercises With A Weight Sets

Training at home with weights is simple and takes up little space. Weight sets exercises are not only effective, they are also a useful addition to any training program. Dumbbell exercises often work multiple muscles and allow the whole body to train. Preferences obviously vary depending on the person, but there are a number of weight sets exercises that are almost unanimous. Weight sets exercise is beneficial for both men and women. To know more about the physical benefits of weight sets.

Strong weight sets

1. Press bench press

Muscle groups

The bench press dumbbell is the best known weight sets exercise for pectorals. This exercise mainly trains your pectoral muscle, but your triceps and shoulders are also used. This exercise is also a good preparation for bodybuilding on the bench. 

Tip : Be careful to keep your elbows wide open and not bring them up your body. Want to vary a little? Place the bench at a 45-degree angle to activate the upper part of the pectoral muscle.

2. Pulling an arm with a barbell

Muscle groups

The weight sets arm pull is a weight exercise that allows you to train a large part of your back. Since you only train one side at a time, it is more difficult to compensate and it is easier to find the right posture. In addition to your back, this exercise also allows you to train your biceps and shoulders.

Tip : Make sure to immobilize your back and shoulders during this exercise. Your upper body cannot tilt to one side. If you want to intensify the exercise, lower the dumbbell a little more slowly. This form is called negative training and gives your body an extra stimulus.

3. Bicep curls with barbell

Muscle groups

An exercise not to be missed is the bicep curls with the barbell. Everyone knows this exercise performed by all men in the gym in front of a mirror. As this is an isolation exercise, you only train your biceps.

Tip : For this exercise, it is important to keep your elbows alongside your body and not to lift them. You can intensify this exercise by not training the 2 arms simultaneously, but by doing 1 arm and then the other.

Heavy weight sets 

4. Shoulder press

Muscle groups

The barbell bench press is also good exercise with weights. It mainly affects the shoulders, but also tightens the triceps and back muscles. As you lift the weight above your head, it may seem heavier than with other exercises.

Tip : Be careful to keep your elbows wide open and not bring them up your body. Want to vary a little? Place the bench at a 45-degree angle to activate the upper part of the pectoral muscle.

5. Dumbbell lunges

Muscle groups

Never forget the legs. This is why we end with a dumbbell exercise for the attention of the legs. weight sets lunges primarily target the hamstrings and glutes, but will also involve your quads and calves.

Tip : Make sure your knee does not extend beyond the front most toe to avoid putting pressure on your knee. If you want to intensify the exercise, make small pulses at the bottom. Your muscles will be constantly tight.


Weight Sets With Free Weights - Exercises And Program

The weight sets with variable load with free weights, guarantee a complete and functional reinforcement and stabilizing annex muscles .Weight sets are the perfect material for complete bodybuilding at home. Exercising with weight sets is one of the most popular ways of exercising which is recommended by a number of fitness experts. 

sport weight sets

In addition to the small size of the dumbbells compared to weight-training machines with guided load, the advantage of using small dumbbells to do weight training at home is the certainty of performing a completely natural movement that will respect human anatomical characteristics. and in particular the axes of rotation of the joints.

The increased requirement to stabilize, during the movement, the whole body results in an effort of proprioception and maintenance carried out by numerous annexed muscles. This effort, far from penalizing the practitioner, is in fact the guarantee of a rapid and complete bodybuilding and a truly more functional training.

Instability can even be increased by using a gym ball as a back or glute support. To increase the qualities of power and explosiveness it is good to combine, in the same exercise, weight sets and elastic fitness bands .

Certainly learning the different exercises requires a longer time to know how to do them without risk of injury compared to exercises with guided loads, but the total gain in strength and tone is more than worth the extra time. 

sport weight sets

Build muscle to tone up

For muscle toning without gaining mass, for example to tighten the skin of the arms by using the triceps, the series must be long, lasting approximately 30 seconds. For this, depending on the exercise, you must perform 20 to 30 repetitions at a fairly rapid pace; the loads moved must be light and represent around 50 to 60% of the load that can only be moved once, this is the maximum load or 1RM 

The 15 exercises are not to be performed all during the same session unless you have decided to train in circuit training ; in this case a series of each exercise is performed with a recovery time between exercises of 1 to 2 minutes.

Otherwise, in most cases we choose to target each session on one or two muscle groups and we gradually go from 2 sets per exercise to 5 or 6 sets. The recovery time between sets is equal to the effort time, i.e. 30 seconds.

Building muscle to gain mass

For muscle mass and volume gain, the ideal is to do weight sets in series of 10 repetitions with loads equal to 75% of its maximum load. The progression is the same: 2 series at the start then 5 to 6 series at the end of the training cycle. Before redefining a new progression it is necessary to establish a balance sheet by testing each workshop to know its new record or 1RM .

Table of exercises with weight sets or other free weights

Some of these exercises are also doable with heavy objects other than dumbbells, for example weight training discs, medicine balls, kettlebells but also bottles of water or books. 

The limitation of these exercises with free weight is the type of manual grip imposed by the shape of the object. We can overcome this drawback by surrounding the heavy object chosen with a strap to be able to handle it by tightening this strap.

fitness challenge weight sets

Gym ball and weight sets

The muscular stabilization effort already present in the use of  weight sets alone can be further increased if a gym ball is used as a support. Thus it is possible to harden all the exercises performed in the supine or sitting position. 

A gym ball being designed to support 130 kg, the additional load of the dumbbells does not pose a safety problem. The exercise presented strengthens the pectorals, the shoulders and the triceps but also the glutes and the lumbar in back sheathing!

Fitness elastic band and weight sets

The permanent tension and resistance that increases with the stretching of the fitness elastic band promotes power work and muscle explosiveness.

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